Smog-warning alerts are lifesavers to those most vulnerable

Soot and smog affect more than just our environment; they also have a great impact on the lives of the elderly and children with asthma. But thanks to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and The Columbus Dispatch and timely smog-warning alerts on the website it is now much easier for those affected by air quality to know what to expect and plan for on a daily basis. With nearly 27,000 Franklin County children suffering from asthma, these alerts can give parents important information as what to expect air quality to be like on a given day, as well as help to help save those children from experiencing painful and unnecessary asthma attacks.

These warning systems as well as new air quality standards under the Clean Air Act are helping those at that are most vulnerable such as the elderly, children and people with respiratory illnesses, heart disease and diabetes. An estimated 35,700 early deaths could be prevented each year if we cleaned up this particle pollution in the United States.

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